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LS&B Grooming

The term Lock Stock & Barrel, thought to have originated in England in the 18th Century refers to the three components that make up an early fire arm. The components being the Lock, referring to the firing mechanism, The Stock being the wooden handle and the Barrel referring to the actual gun barrel. The term was first recorded in the letters of Sir Walker Scott and has since been used to express something in it’s entirety, denoting all, total and everything.

Our name reinforces our commitment to provide a total and complete grooming solution for the modern man.

The modern man not only wants to look his best but has to, his modern lifestyle demands it. As men push the boundaries in fashion and Grooming ever further he demands the right tools and expects choice. We have created a range of products of utmost integrity and value, a range of innovative hair tools that truly understands men’s needs. We strive to create products that will embrace the modern man and the intricacies of his individuality without compromise.

Never Tested on Animals

We are ardently against animal testing in the cosmetics industry. We do not, or ever have, tested any of our products on animals, or engage with third-party suppliers to do so on our behalf. In an industry in which animal testing is still prevalent, it is our continued hope to change the opinions of both our competitors and suppliers alike


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