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Lovegrove Essentials offers the best in luxurious, natural skin care. Hand-made and carefully formulated to support and heal the skin through the different stages in life, the products are made using only natural ingredients that can uplift, relax, heal, rejuvenate and inspire.

Co-founder Hannah Lovegrove says, ‘There’s a constant drip-feed of negative attitudes towards the natural ageing process in women, underscored by the expensive ad campaigns of some cosmetic companies. Our clients are way beyond this. They know that diet, exercise, fresh air, lifestyle and natural skin care products will give them the best long-term results. They know that beauty is not just skin deep, so our products are made with natural essential oils and flower waters which have several key benefits, not just for the skin but for the health and well-being of the mind and body too.’

The Lovegrove Essentials Range has four basic products for retail home skin care:

• The Cleansing Balm
• The Toning Mist
• The Healing Touch Serum
• The Moisture Cream

These four products are available for the Professional Facial and Massage therapist, with the addition of an Aromatic Face Mask and three blended Massage Balms.

The professional facial therapist can also offer their clients our unique Healing Touch Bespoke Serum. There may be times during life when stress or hormonal changes alter the delicate balance of the skin. With our Bespoke Serum service, we can create the right product for your client to use through this stage until the skin settles into a new era. This can be a very important phase for your client and a bespoke product with specific benefits can be of great help to them.

Lovegrove Essentials products are based on five key principles:

1. We take a holistic approach to health, beauty and body care that supports your client’s lifestyle choices. We see ageing as a natural part of this process and encourage clients to embrace and adapt to change.
2. We are clear about the natural ingredients and sustainable processes that go into making our products. We create these products ourselves so the ‘chain of custody’ between client and the raw materials is very short, making the products ultra-potent, but gentle on the skin.
3. We want you to have the confidence that unlike many conventional products, there are no risks associated with using Lovegrove Essentials. They are all fully safety-assessed and meet EU standards.
4. We manage our business and ourselves in a responsible way and choose our suppliers carefully.
5. We use high-quality natural ingredients, and we know our products reflect the latest understanding in the relationship between cosmetics, health &well-being, the environment and the future of our planet.

Our POS material provides a professional and high quality back-drop against which to present the products.

In short, Lovegrove Essentials is a new range with great benefits for the Salon, the Retailer and the Client. see, at our outlet, the benefits of key ingredients,and retail sales.

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