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Glitter Lips

Rachel De Caux is a bubbly, blonde, loyal lady who cries a lot (just show her a video of sad puppies and she is a blubbering wreck). Paula is another bubbly personality, with tonnes of energy (but thankfully, less prone to crying than Rachel). Together they have an enormous drive for work, business and partying.

Having a strong background in the hair and beauty industry, and sharing the same ethical and business beliefs they decided to join forces and their company Beauty Boulevard was born. A small venture that they started in their salon called Glitter Lips was to be their biggest investment. Like a story straight out of a Hollywood film, the girls walked into Topshop, Oxford Street wearing Glitter Lips and were mobbed by the floor staff in the beauty section. Photos were taken and sent to the head office, and by the time the girls got on their train to come back home, they had received an email from none other than Millie Kendal OBE (founder of the Ruby&Millie make up brand amongst others) and Anna Marie Solowij (ex Beauty Editor of Vogue) asking them to come and show this product that created such a buzz. Well, of course the girls jumped at the chance. Within 3 months Glitter Lips hit the shelves of Topshop, Oxford Street and managed to sell out in just 2 days.

This brand new, innovative product will revolutionise lip colour as you know it.

With an unbelievable staying power – one application can last up to 8 hours – you will be bowled over by its colour, shine and durability. The entire Glitter Lips range is waterproof and smudge proof. You can drink and party without losing any of your sparkle.

Developed first and foremost for customer care, Beauty Boulevard guarantees safety legislation and reliability in every product. Our goal is to constantly strive for new beauty must-haves.

Glitter Lips has more staying power than any other lipstick on the market currently. Don’t believe it, try it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed. Oh, and by the way, prepare for an enormous amount of attention when you wear a Glitter Lips shade… you have been warned!!!



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