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Can Gellux be used my on natural nails?
Yes Gellux is perfect for natural nails, on fingers or toes for instant, long lasting vibrant colour.

What is the difference between Gellux and an ordinary nail polish?
Gellux polish dries instantly. NO waiting for polish to dry means
NO accidental smudges and a long lasting glossy finish.

How long does Gellux polish last?
Gellux is a hybrid between traditional nail polish and salon gels. It is applied like a polish but with a hard wearing chip, scratch and fade proof finish that lasts for up to 15 days.

How is Gellux polish removed?
Gellux is easily removed in minutes using finger foil parcels and remover.

Will Gellux damage the natural nails?
Gellux causes no more harm to the natural nail than a traditional nail polish and can even help to protect the natural nail from
bumps and breaks.

Can Gellux be used over nail extensions?
Yes, Gellux can be applied over any nail extension system.

Is a special lamp required?
Gellux can be cured with either UV (36w) in 2 minutes or LED in just 30 seconds!

Is training available?
Yes, training is available and open to everybody regardless of previous training. The course is suitable for complete beginners, beauty therapists, manicurists and nail technicians.


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