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People have always taken great care of their hair – its appearance, color, shape,
length, volume, texture, softness, style and especially its health.

Our hair says a lot about us.

Hair styling is the expert art of combining the customer’s wish for a certain kind
of appearance, his personality and temperament, with the specific characteristics of his hair type.

Whether the desired result is a new look, a change of image, a cheeky surprise
or a classic, elegant restraint, hair stylists are always required to balance the
customer’s preference with achieving that visual dream within the given

This is a task requiring highly tuned intuition and a special sensitivity to people, good listening ability and an understanding of the customer and his wishes, coupled with fine technical skill, confidence, professional expertise and experience.

MON PLATIN PROFESSIONAL offers stylists a totally reliable range of preparations to help achieve professional goals and maintain them over the long term. MON PLATIN products are elegant, up-to-date and guaranteed to produce optimum results.


dead sea salt hair care range

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